We develop and execute hyper-local custom built marketing  campaigns across a variety of niche markets.
More customers. Less effort.
Content Marketing Strategies
Dominate your local market by outranking your competition through PPC research and implementation.
Optimize your mobile presence.
Responsive Ads
Maximize your reach by gaining a presence on social media.
Social Media Optimization

Complete Online Marketing Strategy

Optimization, SEO, PPC, or content development. Our suite of services has you covered

Custom Built Marketing Solutions

Customized marketing packages built for your needs. From publishing, and syndication to e-mail management and marketing automation solutions.

Geo-Targeted Lead Generation

Our technology and custom built lead capture systems provide reporting & visibility to every part of your sales funnel. 

Professional SEO services

Appearing On the Front Page of Google is only the First Step!

The next step is understanding your specific buyers journey and creating a value driven conversion path. In additoin to providing SEO services that help websites increase their organic search score, we develop Top, Middle and Bottom of the funnel content to meet your website visitors at each part of the buyers journey.  

Connect with pre-qualified customers

Your content actually saves you time

Win more business

Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

Search Engine & Social Media Optimization Experts

Maximize your presence on search engine results pages on a local scale.

Google Maps Optimization is an important part of any successful local marketing strategy.

Link building is and will continue to be a tremendously important component of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Paid listings on Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter can help you reach new customers.

Our team specializes in affordable web design and e-commerce.

By leveraging marketing automation & Email Marketing you can create more qualified buyers. 

Complete Online Strategy: Digital Marketing Service For You

Sales taken a dive? Leads just not coming in like they used to? Do you just want to amplify your brand as much as you can? It’s time to involve Complete Online Strategy.

You’ve just taken the next big step to your business’s success by landing on our web page. Now, let us do all the hard work by explaining how our trusted company can help yours.

Who Are Complete Online Strategy?

Welcome to our site. We’re Complete Online Strategy, a digital marketing company with an office in San Jose, CA servicing San Francisco, CA, Oakland, CA, Santa Clara, CA and any GEO market in the US.

We specialize in providing digital marketing solutions to US companies looking for specific results. Do the terms ‘content strategy’, ‘pay per click’ and ‘local SEO services’ mean anything to you? Don’t worry if they don’t, because Complete Online Strategy is here to use all of these marketing tactics to create leads and drive sales in a way that your business can easily understand.

Our goal is to do all the hard work in online marketing, while your business can sit back and enjoy the benefits that come with supersizing your online presence.

Did you know that search engines give sites over 300% more traffic than other sources?
Were you aware that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine result?

Stats from ImFORZA.com

Luckily for you, Complete Online Strategy knows how implement the proper framework for search engine optimization. Better yet, we know how to turn these strategies into results for your business.

By letting us set up your campaings you could be the one getting more leads through the power of digital marketing.

What Exactly Do We Do?

What exactly can Complete Online Strategy do for your business? Put simply, digital marketing is the act of promoting a business’s products or services through digital methods. This may include search engines, social media, blogs, pay per click advertising, email or websites. Businesses who do this successfully see huge increases in their leads totals and sales results, as their products and services reach more people and a wider audience.

Complete Online Strategy is a company who works with businesses in California and across the US to develop and implement digital marketing strategies. We look at how your business is operating now: what’s working and what isn’t, and make marketing adjustments accordingly to grow your business.

Why Choose Complete Online Strategy?

You may have come across other companies like us before, but what makes Complete Online Strategy different is that can completely manage your digital marketing campaigns. Something many small business owners try to do by themselves.

Let’s start by imagining you’ve decided to go it alone. You’ve got a budget in mind, and some idea of your target market. Now what? Where do you even begin? Most businesses will hit a brick wall before they’ve even begun, which is why it’s vital to employ experts in local SEO services and digital marketing strategies to get your business on the map. Otherwise you’ll find yourself wasting a marketing budget that could have had a positive impact on your business if your budget had been used in the right way.

Complete Online Strategy is different from other companies because we really understand your business. We’ve had real, measurable success in creating leads- in the last few years alone we’ve generated over $75 million in sales for our clients.

Now it’s time for you to get a piece of that success.

Who Can Benefit From Digital Marketing Strategies?

In short, every business can see success when they implement digital marketing strategies into their plan. However, there are some situations where businesses may be more primed to utilize these services than others.

Seeing a dip in leads and sales? Your brand may be lacking an online presence that’s in the same league as your competitors. Complete Online Strategy can help you to have your brand’s voice heard above the crowd, so that your company is the first place people turn to when they need the expertise that you offer.

Wanting to capitalize on a recent surge? It’s always a good idea to strike while the iron’s hot, so if your company has recently seen a surprising rise in engagement, turn that brief period of luck into a sustainable level of business for your brand while you still can.

Is social media a mystery? Social media is a great way to engage with and grow your audience, so why not employ some digital marketing strategies to keep your company active? Businesses who aren’t currently utilizing social media are putting themselves at a big disadvantage in a competitive market.

Every brand wants a boost in sales, and who can blame them? Our strategies go further to ensure you’re getting significant leads that are moving down your sales funnel and not your competitors.

If you’re wondering how exactly your business can benefit from working with Complete Online Strategy, contact us now to find out more.

Free SEO Analysis

Complete Online Strategy is working hard to stand out as a brand you can trust. One way we think we’re winning, and we’re sure you’ll agree, is by offering a free SEO analysis to all our clients.

There’s no obligation: just answer a few simple questions and we’ll contact you to let you know what we think to your SEO as it stands right now.

Think you’re doing a good job? We challenge you to prove it!

Online Marketing Strategies

You’re unlikely to achieve success just by looking at one aspect of marketing. The reality is, you need to attack things from all angles to really maximize your leads and sales. It’s hard for smaller businesses to find the time and skills to do this, which is why Complete Online Strategy can lend a helping hand.

We cover almost any aspect of digital marketing that you can imagine, including social media marketing, search engine optimization, web analytics, email marketing, pay per click advertising and content marketing. Put all these things together and your business has a recipe for success without you needing to get your hands dirty. Complete Online Strategy vows to do all the hard work, so that your company can relax and enjoy doing what it likes most: making money.

Custom Marketing Solutions

One package is never going to fit every brand, which is why we’re proud to offer completely custom marketing solutions. We’ll work with your business to target the things that matters most. We can devise strategies to suit every size of business, every industry and every budget.

Targeted Lead Generation

A lead is worthless if it doesn’t result in a sale. That why Complete Online Strategy values quality leads. We’ll work with you to target the people you want, in the area that you want, so that your leads turn to sales more quickly than you can say: “Thanks, Complete Online Strategy!”

The Importance of Funneling

Many digital marketing companies promise to get you on the front page of Google, but that’s only the first step. Complete Online Strategy is committed to following through on our promise of generating more sales, but how do we make that happen?

The truth is that leads will never go anywhere unless you direct customers in the right way. That means implementing funneling strategies on your website to meet your prospects on their unique buyers journey and carefully direct your prospects to a buying decision that makes a sale.

People don’t like to be pressured into buying a product. At Complete Online Strategy, we’re skilled at creating sales through compelling and helpful content, rather than a hard sell. Not only will you see more first time customers, but your business will enjoy the benefits of creating trustworthy relationships with clients. You’ll soon see familiar faces returning to your company again and again.

Customers will find your site at every stage of their buying journey. We’re skilled in grabbing their attention and ensuring that no matter where in the process a client finds you, the journey ends with you.

How Can You Work With Us?

Our physical office is located in San Jose, CA, we’re a digital service, which means we can virtually work with any company across California, the US and beyond to maximize their leads and sales.

Contact Complete Online Strategy

Have you read through our site? Made it to the bottom of this page? Congratulations, we think you already know on some level that Complete Online Strategy is the right fit for your business. Let us prove it to you: contact Complete Online Strategy now to find out more about how we can electrify your business.

Tell us more about your company here, this will provide us everything we need to get in touch. We’re open from Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm. We’re looking forward to learning more about your business.